Fostering Tomorrows Leaders: Empowering Growth and Impact

For individuals who have been identified by their organizations as candidates for greater leadership responsibility or for individuals seeking professional development in leadership.

This engagement includes some mentoring voice in addition to coaching.

Throughout my career I have been known as a developer of talent. I bring that passion and experience to my work with emerging leaders.

  • Positive Change: At the heart of our work is the pursuit of positive transformation and purposeful action.
  • Resourcefulness: My role is to help develop your resourcefulness in resolving challenges or issues.
  • Holistic: We consider your life inside and outside work so that you can bring your whole authentic self to your leadership role.
  • Partnership: We are co-equals in this important work. My role is to support, challenge, and inspire solutions to obstacles and achievement of your goals.
  • ​Client Driven Goals: You identify and prioritize coaching goals and outcomes.

My guiding principles in Emerging Leader Coaching:

My coaching approach is holistic and customized for each individual.

We will not only delve into your professional aspirations, challenges, catalysts, and barriers but also dedicate time to enriching your self-awareness, including your values and sense of purpose.

As beneficial we will use tools such as 360 feedback and leadership style assessments to support your growth.

While nurturing your strengths and fostering your potential, I will also constructively push you to move past what may be in your way. We will dream together, laugh together and brainstorm together. I take your growth and development seriously and will be your cheerleader, advocate, and challenger.

I typically contract for a series of 1 hour sessions conducted every other week.  These sessions can be in person or over Zoom.

You can count on me to bring a blend of support and challenge 

"Her authentic demeanor along with an unwavering commitment to her clients' growth is a testament to her unmatched professionalism and genuineness."

Cammie has utilized her decades of professional and personal experiences to adeptly guide me in identifying and harnessing my core strengths, helping me to navigate challenges, and giving me the clarity to focus and progress on my career goals.  Whether you're trying to figure out the next step in your career or want to accelerate your growth trajectory, I highly recommend Cammie to guide you in your journey as she has for me!

"She understands what it means to be laser-focused on what matters most."

Cammie's coaching practice fills a deeply needed gap within the executive coaching industry. Her God-given talents and the impressive leadership experience she’s cultivated throughout her career, combined with her abounding faith, unlock a deep, meaningful perspective that she generously shares with her clients.  A coach, mentor, and friend, Cammie is unparalleled.

San Jose, CA.
Sr Manager Strategic Planning

Catherine K

Pittsburgh, PA
Dir of Marketing, Arts Organization

Stefanie M.